Chapter 63

The tenth day of the eleventh month in our generation is the day of passing of my sainted father-in-law, the leader of our generation. At that point he achieved an elevation, for "all his deeds and Torah and Divine service that he accomplished during his life"1 rose to a higher level, an incomparable elevation. The essential perfection of this was completed on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of this year - the forty-second year (5710-5752). The forty-second year is connected with the Divine Name "Mem-Bes,"2 through which all aspects of elevation occur. All the elevations of the forty-two anniversaries of the day of passing have been completed, as well as all the elevations through our actions and Divine service of the past forty-two years (including the completion of "It was in the fortieth year"3). These parallel the forty-two stages in the wilderness of our generation4 (the last generation of exile and the first generation of Redemption). And imminently and immediately we will actually enter the good and expansive land in the true and final Redemption.

...There is an additional and also essential lesson of the Song5 in regard to the Divine service of prayer (also described as hymn6, done in a manner of singing). As is known, the Alter Rebbe used to pray out loud and with singing. Although song is connected with elevating from below to above, now there has to be (after all the elevations are completed) the song from a position of attachment and inclusion in the Supernal. This serves as a preparation and introduction to the "new song" of the time to come.

This applies particularly to the prayer for the true and complete Redemption, specifically after the declaration of my sainted father-in-law, the leader of our generation, that "all the appointed times have passed"7 already," and all aspects of Divine service have been completed. In addition to the desire, longing and yearning for the Redemption (until now), there must now also be an essential feeling of joy, borne out of the realization that the Redemption is actually coming at this actual moment.

(From the talk of Thursday, Parshas Beshallach, 11 Shvat,
and Shabbos Parshas Beshallach, 13 Shvat, Shabbos Shirah, 5752)


1. Tanya, Iggeres HaKodesh, section 27 and its explanation.

2. [There are several Divine Names, each indicating a different aspect or manifestation of G-dliness. Many of these names also have alpha-numeric representations. Thus, the name "Mem-Bes" is numerically equivalent to 42, according to the numeric values of the Hebrew alphabet. Translator's note.]

3. Devarim 1:3.

4. [This is a reference to the forty-two stages of the journey of the Jewish people from Egypt to Israel, as recorded in the Torah. Since our generation - the generation of Redemption - is a reincarnation of the generation of the Exodus (see no. 62), the events of our time parallel those of the Exodus, including the stages of the journey. Translator's note.]

5. [This is a reference to the Song of Sea, recorded in the Torah reading of Beshallach and included in the daily prayer service. Translator's note.]

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7. Sanhedrin 97:b.

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