Chapter 61

There is an innovation unique to our generation - the ninth [from the Baal Shem Tov]- over all preceding generations, including the previous one (the eighth). Since the Redemption had not actually occurred then, the "come to Pharaoh" (the "revelation of "all the lights"1 to those below) was not completely perfect, as a soul in a healthy body. (The soul was detached from the body, and also the soul when it was in a body was in the situation of "[his] speech was in exile," etc.2). This is not the case with our generation - the last generation of exile and the first generation of Redemption - when imminently and immediately "the lights [sun and moon] will be hung." Not only is nothing lacking in the great lights (the revelation of the Written Torah and the Oral Torah3), but just the opposite; for this generation will realize a greater perfection [in the revelation of the Written and Oral Torah]. (There will no longer be the "speech impediments" in the [transmission of] the Oral and Written Torah.4 Rather they will be transcended.) Even souls within bodies will internalize "the revelation of all the lights" that were "hung" now, by virtue of the imminent arrival of our righteous Moshiach ("Send now by the one You will send"5), who will teach Torah to the all the people,6 including "a new Torah will go forth from Me."7

...We see in reality (as mentioned many times recently) how the nations of the world in many, many countries are assisting the Jewish people in their Divine service (to an even greater degree than it was during the exodus from Egypt). Even that country [Russia] which was closed and locked for many years, and which did not permit Jews to emigrate, etc. and did not allow the proper observance of the Torah and mitzvos, has recently changed from one extreme to the other. Now not only are Jews permitted to live there as they please, and even to emigrate, but even more, the country assists them.

Things have changed to such an extent that we can see today in reality that, in addition to the Jews being "Ready, all of you" for the Redemption, the nations of the world also stand "ready, all of you" for the Jews to go out already from exile and go into the land of Israel in the true and complete Redemption.

And with our souls in bodies without any interruption at all, we will come immediately to the full realization of "Come to Pharaoh" with the true and complete Redemption, the completion of the revelation of "all the lights will be revealed," "And you, O L-rd, will be a light for the world."8

...It has been mentioned many times that already "all the appointed times have passed"9 and everything is concluded, and the Redemption should have come long ago. But for totally incomprehensible reasons, it has not yet come.

Therefore it follows, that now the Redemption must come imminently and immediately. To employ a colloquial expression: this is High time for the true and complete Redemption!

…In terms of spiritual matters (including the "highest" levels of spirituality) there already is perfection, including also the most (spirituality) complete state of Redemption. Thus the spiritual eyes of the Jew can already see it. We must open our physical eyes that they too should see the Redemption in a way that is clearly visible to eyes of flesh in our time...

Of practical relevance, everyone should resolve that his study of the previous Rebbe's Torah should complete and compensate for that which was lacking in the dissemination and spreading of the wellsprings due to the speech impediment of my sainted father-in-law. One accomplishes this both through one's own learning out loud as well as spreading of the wellsprings to others.

(From the talk of Wednesday, Parshas Bo, 3 Shvat,
and Shabbos Parshas Bo, 6 Shvat, 5752)


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