Chapter 56

As mentioned many times recently, according to the announcement of my sainted father-in-law, the leader of our generation, all the preparations for the Redemption have already been completed, and now the Redemption just requires to be drawn into the material and coarseness of the world (a coarseness that is converted into the material), and revealed to the physical eye.

…Now one need only open the eyes, to see that the whole world demands that every Jew stand in the condition and situation of the true and complete Redemption.

It may be said that this is the reason why we see today that Jews can maintain their Judaism with great strength and mastery also over the nations of the world - for it all depends on their will. We are immediately prior to the Redemption, when it will become actually revealed that "And Dovid my servant will be the leader over them forever,"1 "And the nations will know that I am the L-rd."2 This is reflected in the actual situation of our generation, which is a preparation for the true and complete Redemption through our righteous Moshiach.

Further, this is also indicated in "And Yehuda approached him." Together with the assistance from the power of the Divine service of the Yosef of our generation (my sainted father-in-law , the leader of our generation) we also possess the power of "And Yehuda approached him," i.e., Moshiach, who will actually come imminently, when "And Dovid my servant will be the leader over them forever." This comes through the support of and infusion of strength from Yosef (of our generation), "you are like Pharaoh,"3 (the pharaoh of holiness), that "through him all the lights are uncovered and revealed."4

(From the talk of Shabbos Parshas Vayigash, 7 Teves 5752)


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