Chapter 43

We have already openly seen the miracles at the beginning of this year, in continuation of the miracles of last year, in connection with the fact that that country (Russia) freed and assisted thousands and thousands of Jews to go the land of Israel (and other places). In those places they can live their individual lives in full freedom. This reveals the greatness of Israel, that even the nations of the world recognize this and assist them.

The revelation in the world and recognition by the nations of the greatness of the Jewish people has increased from generation to generation. As we approach ever nearer to the final and true Redemption, the declaration that "And nations will go by your light,"[1] "And kings will be your midwives and their princes your nursemaids,"[2] comes closer to its fulfillment.

Over the course of generations - even in the time of exile - we find that the nations of the world have recognized that the Jewish people are the Chosen People. We see this in many places in the Midrashim of our Sages of blessed memory. (For example, in Zevachim,[3] saying to the Rabbi] "I will fulfill the Biblical prediction of: kings will be your midwives," and in other sources.)

It is also known that non-Jews call the Jewish people (even when speaking among themselves) - the "Chosen People."

In the United States and other benevolent countries, Jews are permitted to perform their Divine service with a calm mind and amidst physical comfort. Jews in the Diaspora and in Israel are commonly offered assistance.[4] This assistance itself has increased in recent years, specifically last year (the year of "I will show them wonders") and beginning with this year (a year with miracles within it) in relation to the permission to emigrate and the aid from that country to our fellow-Jews to go to the land of Israel.

(From the talk of Shabbos Parshas Bereishis,
Blessing of the month of Mar-Cheshvan 5752)


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4. There are many well-known stories in which non-Jews gave honor to our Rebbeim and leaders (see for example in relation to the Rebbe MaHaRash, Sefer HaMaamarim Meluket, vol. 4, p. 26.)

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