Chapter 39

A special lesson must be derived from all of the above with respect to the Redemption which -- according to all the signs -- must come imminently and immediately... Since according to all the signs the Redemption should have come long ago, we must apply [the verse that describes the recitation that accompanied the bringing of the first fruits to the Temple] "you shall answer and say before the L-rd your G-d"[1] to the special supplication of "Until when"?! [In conformance with the Talmudic commentary that the recitation must be made in a "loud voice," the supplication "Until when" must also] be made in a loud voice. This request is particularly appropriate in the month of Elul when "anyone who wants has permission to greet Him and He receives them all with a gracious countenance and shows to everyone a smiling face."[2]... Let the Redemption occur already in actuality!

(From the talk of Shabbos Parshas Tavo, 21 Elul 5751)


1. Our parsha 26:5.

2. Likkutei Torah, Parshas Re'eh 32:1.

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