Chapter 29

One might still raise a question, as others have done. Even if one were to do one's work to perfection, even reaching the level of "dissemination" (which implies total commitment and self-abnegation), one might question to what avail is it considering the fact that "you are the least among the nations,"[1] and that there are the "seventy nations" who so outnumber the "one lamb"[2] -- Israel.

In other words, what will be the world's and the nation's response to the Jewish efforts at "disseminating the wellsprings to the remotest reaches," in an effort to hasten the true and complete Redemption, since they do not understand what all this means?! Granted, these efforts are noble and sublime, but one might object, we have to consider the world's reaction!

The answer to these questions is:

The world is ready and completely receptive! When a Jew performs his work properly, transcending all limits and constraints, and simultaneously channeling these efforts within the parameters of nature, he will see how the world, nature and the nations of the world will assist him in his work.

'This is particularly true now that so many of the impediments are no longer here. (And as was noted earlier, even the Soviet Union has undergone significant changes for the better.) On the contrary, we are witness to the miracles and wonders that have occurred, specifically in the last two years (of "miracles" and of "wonders I shall show him, 5750 and 5751, respectively"). The time has thus arrived, that notwithstanding the need for supernatural changes (the miracles and wonders of the true and complete Redemption), these supernatural energies permeate the nature of the world itself, so that the world itself assists in the blossoming of the Redemption.

(From the talk of Thursday, Parshas Korach, second day of Rosh
Chodesh Tammuz and of Shabbos Parshas Korach, 3 Tammuz, 5751)


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