Chapter 27

The dissemination of the wellsprings, the inner dimension of Torah,[1] outward to the most remote places, has already occurred. This is exemplified by the innovative extension of these wellsprings in our generation to this "lower hemisphere"[2] in which the leader of the generation, my sainted father-in-law, the Moses of the generation, established his residence. From here these wellsprings are being disseminated to the farthest reaches of the world for over a fifty year-Jubilee period,[3] a time referred to as "eternal."[4]

As a consequence of the increased dissemination of the wellsprings of Torah to the outside world, which has exceeded the quota, and the enhancement of "know the G-d of your father"[5] and of the concept of "according to your understanding,"[6] we deserve[7] to see the immediate realization of the Messianic Age of which it is written:

"In that time[8]... the only occupation of the entire world will be to know G-d exclusively. Israel will thus become great sages and will know the hidden matters and will grasp the knowledge of their Creator according to the capacity of man, as it says[9] "for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the sea bed.'"

(From the talk of Shabbos Parshas Shelach,
Mevorchim Hachodesh Tammuz, 5751)


1. The "hidden" dimension of Torah, which unifies the "hidden" dimension of a Jewish person with the "hidden" dimension of G-d." See Zohar III, 73a. Likkutei Torah, Vayikra, 5c. Nitzovim, 46a. And in several other places.

2. The revelation of the giving of the Torah did not reach into this hemisphere. See Igros Kodesh of the Rebbe MaHaRayatz, vol. 2, p. 331. See there for cross references.

3. The fifty year period includes - and with particular emphasis - the timely date of the 28th of Sivan (28=koach-strength) of this week, (which is blessed from this Shabbos) - See, at length, the talk of the 28th of Sivan (Sefer HaSichos, 5751, p. 635ff.) [The 28th of Sivan is the anniversary of the Rebbe's (and Rebbitzin Chaya Mushkah Nishmoso Eden) arrival in America in the year 5701. Translator's note]

4. Kiddushin 15a. Mechilta and Rashi, Mishpatim 21:6. Also note Likkutei Torah of our Parsha, 42d ff.

5. Divrei HaYamim I, 28:9. See Tanya, Kuntres Acharon, 156b and in several places.

6. [A reference to G-d's response to Moses that the sending of the spies to Israel was not G-d's own command, but it was based on Moses' discretion, lit. "according to your understanding." In the full text of the Sicha, the Rebbe interprets this as a reference to the need for us to employ our own understanding of G-d. Translator's note.]

7. In accordance with the promise of the King Moshiach to the Ba'al Shem Tov: in response to the Ba'al Shem Tov's question "When will the master come?" Moshiach's response was "When your wellsprings will be disseminated to the farthest reaches." (The holy epistle of the Ba'al Shem Tov - Keser Shem Tov, beginning).

8. Rambam, at the conclusion of his work, Mishneh Torah.

9. Yeshayahu 11:9.

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