Chapter 26

All this receives greater emphasis in recent generations, described as, "in the heels of," and as, "the heels of the heels of Moshiach," particularly in this generation, the last generation of exile... Only the heel of the foot, i.e., the absolute last generation has the ability to "rise on its own"[1] and elevate all previous generations, because the last generation of exile will be the first generation of Redemption - the Redemption for all Jews throughout all generations!

In particular, the shepherd Aharon HaCohen[2] of our generation - my sainted father-in-law, the Rebbe, the leader of our generation... has emphasized this through his "invocation" of "Immediate Teshuvah, immediate Redemption,"[3] and the announcement that we only have to "polish the buttons,"[4] and afterwards - the declaration that this too has already ended, and it only requires us to "stand prepared all of you"[5] to greet our righteous Moshiach in the true and complete Redemption.

(From the talk of Shabbos Beha'aloscha, 19 Sivan 5751)


1. [The term "ability to rise on its own" is applied to the kindling of the menorah in the Temple, where the law requires that the branches be lit in such a manner that the flames can rise by themselves without any further assistance of the one who kindles them. See Rashi beginning of Parshas Beha'alosecha, cited by the Rebbe in this Sicha. Translator's note.]

2. Thus Aharon is called in an explicit Scriptural text "the three shepherds" (Zecharyah 11:8. And see Taanis 9, end of side a).

3. Published in his Igros Kodesh, volume 5, page 361 and further. 377 and further. 408 and further. Volume 6, page 430 and further. [The phrase literally means, "Immediately to Return (or Repentance), immediately to Redemption. Translator's note.]

4. See the talks of Simchas Torah of 5689.

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