Chapter 23

From what was said previously, one may discover several lessons regarding the service of the Jews to bring the Redemption, and what must be done to prepare for the Redemption, as we stand now at the end of exile, "golah," with the Redemption coming momentarily.

...Worldly affairs themselves and the nations of the world themselves (even in the time of exile) are (in truth) assisting in the service of bringing the Redemption.

It may be suggested that at the end of the time of exile, close to the Redemption, this assistance appears in a more open fashion.

We see this especially in the recent generations and even more in recent times, specifically in the latest days:

In previous generations, (most) Jews lived among countries which in general were a hindrance and an obstacle, etc. ([the trouble] will not rise twice)[1] to the service of G-d.

However, in recent generations, (most) Jews live among benevolent governments, primarily this country[2] (in which the largest number of Jews and Jewish institutions are located). This enables the Jews to achieve an inner Redemption in their service, so that they should perform the service which will bring the actual Redemption. Then the benevolent government will also help the Jews to return to the land of Israel (in the language of Scriptures:[3] And they will bring all your brethren, etc.).

And in this last year we see how this attitude towards the Jewish people has spread to other countries, even to that country,[4] which (until recently) placed limitations on the freedom of the Jews in their observance of Torah and mitzvos, and also on their emigration from that country. Their attitude has now been reversed, for they permit Jews to observe Torah and mitzvos and allow Jews to leave there (without the previous restrictions). On the contrary - they are now helping the Jews to travel to the Holy Land. This is a prelude of the assistance the nations of the world will give the Jewish people to go out of exile and into the Holy Land, in the complete and true Redemption.

In addition to the direct assistance from the nations of the world to the Jews, we also see instances where the nations of the world themselves perform acts of goodness and kindness, which reveal even more that there is a Master to this palace.[5] All of this is a preparation for "And the kingdom will be the L-rd's"[6] in the complete and true Redemption.

It was not this way previously, when specifically the Jewish people (even though "You are the smallest of all the nations"[7]) accomplished the intention of making a dwelling place in the lower world,[8] while several governments of the nations of the world behaved in a cruel fashion to each other. Their main occupation was their own benefit, either by conquering the other countries, etc.

Among the obvious things which occurred very recently, where we see how the world and the nations of the world are preparing and assisting the way to the Redemption, are the areas of tzedekah and education, two fundamental foundations for civilizing the world, "He formed it to be inhabited."[9]

The recent events have become well-known and publicized (in all the newspapers). This country (founded on tzedekah and kindness, as is known) has used its great power to help and rescue people in a distant region of the world (far away from the country), even though the citizens of this country receive no direct benefit.

This country sent many people and soldiers from its army to assist the refugees in those places, together with food, clothing and medicine. Instead of using the planes for conquest, and instead of using the food and clothing for its own citizens, it used them to rescue unfortunate people, particularly small children, from the cold, and indeed, from the very opposite of life.[10]

One sees thereby the compassion of the citizens of this country: when they heard and saw the suffering or others, not their own relatives, and with whom they had no connection - the country was aroused to help them. According to the principles of this country regarding tzedekah, it helps people throughout the whole world, and it doesn't even wait to be asked to help.

Similarly, it's also known that recently the leader of this country came out with a declaration and detailed directive regarding children's education. This was consistent with a declaration the president made at the beginning of his tenure, concerning his ambition to be remembered as the "education president" for the actions and large, positive reforms that he would introduce to strengthen education in the country.

'And this is in addition to the many things that daily occur by Divine Providence, whether in general or in relation to each one in their personal matters. The purpose of all this is to reveal even more how the world is helping to make a dwelling place for G-d in this lowest world and bring the Redemption.

(This includes the discovery last week of precious stones and pearls in the farthest corner of the world, through the blessings of G-d. (This is analogous to "The princes brought the onyx stones and the stones for the ephod and breastplate."[11] (These were used for the priestly garments, that were [miraculously] brought to them by the clouds.[12]) The intention is they should be used for adorning brides, increasing tzedekah, etc.)

The practical conclusion of what has been said is: the Redemption comes precisely through the service in exile, from revealing the master of the world in "exile,"[13] so that this generation, the last generation of exile, will be the first generation of Redemption.

And G-d helps us see in the recent world events how the world itself is assisting and leading to the Redemption.

This simply means - as mentioned above - that every Jew must increase in "our actions and our service" in general that bring the Redemption, including and particularly - as talked about in the previous gathering - learning the Torah concerning Redemption, in the Written Torah (that "all[14] the books are filled with this subject") and the Oral Torah: Mishneh, Gemara, Midrashim, etc.

(From the talk of Shabbos Parshas Acharei-Kedoshim, 13 Iyar 5751)


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