The Announcement of the Redemption:

Chapter 17

As we come from the days of Purim - days of miracles which G-d performed "in those days at this time," and as we approach the holiday of Passover - when we celebrate the holiday of "the time of our freedom" and we thank G-d for the wonders and miracles which He performed for us at the Exodus from Egypt - now is an appropriate time to turn our complete attention to the wonders and miracles which occurred close to this year's Purim.

These were open miracles, not just for the Jewish people, but also for all peoples, until "all the ends of the earth saw"; everyone saw the great miracles that occurred at that time.

...According to the natural conditions of the world, in such a situation there should have been not only a declaration of war, etc., but the conflict should have involved many countries and ignited into a world war, G-d forbid; what actually happened was beyond the familiar natural order, for not only was a world war avoided, but the war that did break out ended quietly.

At the time, all the signs indicated it would be a difficult war, and therefore a huge army was mobilized, well equipped with huge caches of the most sophisticated weapons. After all the arrangements, which is the procedure when preparing oneself for a long war which must last weeks, months - the victory came in a very short time!

The victory was so remarkable that it not only avoided a blood bath between the nations of the world (as was feared at first), but it also reached the point that the enemy freed, in a fitting manner, some of the prisoners of war and even some of those captured earlier.

...And still more: those who "know what is done behind the scenes" - and are acquainted with a great many unpublicized details - realize much more the amazing wonders and miracles which occurred at this time in these days.

* * *

During the course of this year - to which the Jewish people gave the name and sign: "It will be a year of miracles [that] I will show him,"[1] and even before this, at the conclusion of the past year, designated by the Jewish people with the sign, "It will be a year of miracles"[1] - it has been emphasized many times what our Sages of blessed memory have foretold (in Yalkut Shimoni, Yeshayahu, Remez 499) regarding the war which would come in that part of the world, namely that thy are among the signs that the complete and true redemption through our righteous Moshiach is imminent.

And in light of the above mentioned events and miracles, one needs to strengthen awareness that this is the time to prepare immediately for the fulfillment of the promise "For sovereignty is the L-rd's"[2] when all people will be convinced that "there is a master to this world."[3] This acknowledgment will bring them "to call all of them on the Name of G-d to serve Him together."[4]

(General letter, 25 Adar 5751)


1. [An acronym formed from the Hebrew letters used to designate the year. Translator's note.]

2. Ovadiah 1:21.

3. See Bereishis Rabba, beginning of chapter 39.

4. Zephaniah 3:9. And see Rambam Hilchos Melachim end of chapter 11.

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