The Announcement of the Redemption:

Chapter 14

[This excerpt follows the Rebbe's instruction concerning the preparation for Yud Shvat (tenth of the month of Shvat), the anniversary of the passing of the Previous Rebbe. The Rebbe called for increases in Torah study and tzedekah. He then proceeds to call for extra emphasis on preparation for the Redemption. Translator's note.]

The preparation for Redemption should be emphasized more, by strengthening faith and trust in, and expectation of, the Redemption, "I await him every day that he should come."[1] - In the language of the Previous Rebbe:[2] "Stand ready all of you to greet our righteous Moshiach."[3]

The above applies specifically in this year, "It will be a year in which I will show him wonders,"[4] and after they've already seen the miracles and wonders in this last period, including and particularly - the exodus of many Jews from that country [the Soviet Union] to the land of Israel, through which they also come closer to Judaism, Torah and its mitzvos. For subject5 is a reflection and example of, and the immediate preparation to fulfill the promise, "a great congregation will return here."[6]

There has been an increase in the above during these most recent days.

The events of these final days in the affair of "the kingdoms will struggle with each other" emphasize that we find ourselves in reality close to the Redemption, as explained in the midrashim of our Sages, may their memories be for a blessing,[7] that this8 is one of the signs of Redemption.

In the language of the Midrash [it states9], "In the year the King Moshiach will be revealed... the king of Persia will provoke the king of Arabia... all the nations of the world will be in turmoil and terror... and (the Holy One, Blessed be He) will say to them (Israel), "My children, do not be afraid, all that I have done I have done only for your sake... the time of your Redemption has arrived."

...And in regard to the activities of the enemies of Israel, which they try to injure, G-d forbid - there is no substance in them, and their efforts will not succeed,

...The connection of these events to the children of Israel is - the knowledge that "the time of your Redemption has arrived"; therefore, stand ready all of you to greet our righteous Moshiach, including and in particular through increasing in matters of Torah and mitzvos, since through "one mitzvah," one tips the scale for himself and the entire world to the side of merit, and causes for himself and them salvation and deliverance."[10]

(From the talk of Shabbos Parshas Bo, 4 Shvat, 5751)


1. The 12th principle of the 13 principles [of faith].

2. [This talk was given the Shabbos before the yahrtzeit (anniversary) of the passing of the Previous Rebbe. Translator's note]

3. HaYom Yom 15 Teves. And in many places.

4. [In Hebrew, each letter has a numerical equivalent. The letters of the year 5751 (Hey, Tuf, Shin, Nun, Aleph) are an acronym of this phrase, based on Michah 7:15. Translator's note]

5. [The emigration from the Soviet Union. Translator's note]

6. Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) 31:7.

7. Bereishis Rabbah ch. 42:4. Midrash Lekach Tov, Lech Lecha 14:1

8. [The struggle of the nations, particularly the Gulf War, prophetically described in the Yalkut Shimoni (see next paragraph). Translator's note]

9. Yalkut Shimoni Yeshayahu (Isaiah), remez 499.

10. Rambam, Hilchos Teshuva, (Laws of Repentance) Chapter 3, Halacha 4.

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