The Announcement of the Redemption:

Chapter 13

In times like these, when the nations are in conflict with one another, the Jewish people have the special assurance from the A-mighty that, "My children, have no fear, all that I have done, I have done solely for your sake,"[1] - in addition to the multitude of promises mentioned in the Torah to the effect that "Behold, He does not sleep nor slumber, the guardian of Israel"[2] and that "I am with him in distress,"[3] and "G-d will redeem Israel from all of its distress,"[4] (and only after that "He will redeem Israel from all of their sins"[5]) etc. etc.

It is a certainty that "He will not sleep nor slumber, the Guardian of Israel," wherever Jews may be situated - even in the Diaspora, and all the more so in the Holy Land, characterized by our Holy and true Torah as, "A land which G-d our G-d's eyes watch over from the beginning of the year to the end of the year."[6]

...And as was stated, the A-mighty notifies and proclaims to Jews wherever they are situated, particularly in the Holy Land, "My children, have no fear."

(From the talks of Shabbos Parshas Vo'eira, 26 Teves,
Mevorchim Shvat [Blessing of the month of Shvat], 5751)


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