The Ultimate Goal

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A true leader is one who leads. He does not follow the crowd or prevailing mood of the times. It takes the courage and strength of a true leader to make a decision that might be unpopular, and to adhere to it regardless of popular opinion.

From Moses to King David, from Maimonides to the Baal Shem Tov, from Rabbi Shneur Zalman to the Previous Rebbe, history shows us how every Torah-leader of the Jewish nation has had a Divinely assigned task to accomplish in the world. What is the Rebbe's task? To bring the Redemption.

To prepare the world for the long-awaited Redemption, there is only one way--to refine the world through the study of Torah and the keeping of mitzvot. In fact, the Rebbe explicitly stated about many of his worldwide campaigns and projects that they were initiated to hasten or prepare for the Redemption.

Love Without Cause

"Since the Holy Temple was destroyed on account of undeserved hatred, this reason must be undone by means of unearned love --by loving every Jew without cause, even when one sees no apparent justification for loving him. And it is this unity that will bring the Prophet Elijah, the harbinger of the Redemption." 5721 (1961)

Torah Study Campaign

"The Zohar teaches that as a result of wasting opportunities for Torah study, 'the day on which Moshiach will redeem us from this exile is postponed.' Through the Torah campaign, by studying both the revealed and the hidden dimensions of the Torah, this postponement can be revoked." 5731 (1971)

Kashrut & Family Purity Campaigns

"When our forefathers were in the wilderness, on the eve of their entry into the Land of Israel, they were commanded to be vigilant with the kashrut of their vessels, and with the purity and sanctity of their family life.

"In our days, too, in these last days of exile, our generation should be particularly vigilant with these two mitzvot--with kashrut and with the laws of family purity--as a preparation for our entry into the Land of Israel together with our Righteous Moshiach." 5735 (1975)

Shabbat Candle Campaign

"Every Jewish daughter, as soon as she comes to the age of Jewish education [3 years of age], should light a candle each Sabbath and Yom Tov eve, and through the lighting of Shabbat candles we will merit the fulfillment of G-d's promise, 'If you will keep the lights of the Sabbath candles, I will show you the lights of Zion,' in the complete and true Redemption." 5735 (1975)

Love and Unity

"The Redemption will unify all of Israel, from the greatest to the smallest. For not a single Jew will remain in exile: 'You, the Children of Israel, will be gathered in one by one.' Moreover, the multitudes who will then be gathered in are described collectively, in the singular: 'A great congregation will return here.' In preparation for this state, therefore, one should make every endeavor to unify all the different kinds of Jews, in a spirit of ahavat Yisrael, the love of a fellow Jew." 5736 (1976)

Campaign for Jewish Education

"Concerning the era of the Redemption it is written, 'I shall pour My spirit upon your seed, and My blessing upon your offspring.' This plainly refers, quite literally, to one's sons and daughters. Hence, since all the revelations of the future depend on our present actions and Divine service, propagating the Torah education of Jewish children becomes a matter of the utmost urgency." 5736 (1976)

Torah Scroll

"The obligation to write a Torah scroll is the culmination of all the 613 mitzvot. It is thus clear that acquiring a letter in one of the universal Torah scrolls now being written hastens the culmination of the exile."

In connection with the campaign for every single Jew throughout the world to acquire a letter in a Torah scroll written to foster Jewish unity, the Rebbe quoted the verse in the Book of Daniel, "At that time will stand forth the Angel Michael, the great prince, who stands over the children of Your people; and there shall be a time of trouble such as there never was since there was a nation till that time. And at that time Your people will escape, everyone found written in the Book." The Rebbe explained that the "Book" is the Torah scroll, and all those who own a letter in a Torah scroll will escape harm. 5741 (1981)

Campaign for Large Families

"With every Jewish infant born, the Redemption is brought nearer. As our Sages teach, 'Moshiach the son of David will not come until there are no souls left in the heavenly treasury' (Yevamot 62a). By doing our part in bringing souls down to his world, we will thus bring the Redemption nearer." 5741 (1981)

Tzivos Hashem

"All Jewish children must know that they are, from birth, soldiers in Tzivos Hashem-- G-d's army--and conduct themselves accordingly. For every generation has (in addition to the overall task of transforming the world), its own special mission and goal. Today's goal is to hasten and ensure the ultimate victory--the coming of Moshiach. New goals need new measures; we need a mobilization of all available reserves--new Jewish boys and girls. . .

"May G-d grant that every Jewish child be successful in his or her duties as a soldier in Tzivos Hashem, each rising to attain ever higher ranks in the army. May they, together with all of us, receive quickly in our time the greatest soldier of all, our righteous Moshiach." 5741 (1981)

The Seven Noachide Laws

"The future Redemption will apply not only to Israel, but to the whole world as well. In preparation for this Redemption, therefore, action needs to be taken so that the world at large will be ready for such a state. This is to be achieved through the efforts of the Jewish people to influence the nations of the world to conduct themselves in the spirit of the verse that states that G-d 'formed the world in order that it be settled' (Isaiah 45:18) in a civilized manner, through the observance of their seven mitzvot." 5743 (1983)

Printing Tanyas

"Since in the future Redemption not a single Jew will remain in exile, it is clear that the Redemption of every individual Jew has a bearing on the Redemption of the entire House of Israel. It is thus our duty to work with every Jew to ensure that he will be ready for the Redemption.

"This is accomplished by disseminating the Torah and especially its innermost and mystical dimensions, wherever Jews are to be found, and wherever even only one single Jew is to be found. Therefore, in order that the wellsprings themselves should reach the furthermost places, the Tanya should be printed everywhere." 5744 (1984)

To date, Tanyas have been printed in over 3,500 locations in over a dozen languages, including Braille.

Only "Kosher" Toys

"Concerning the Days of Moshiach it is written, 'I shall remove the spirit of impurity from the earth.' As the footsteps of Moshiach approach ever closer, we should now enjoy a foretaste of the revelations that will be ours in future time, just as concerning Shabbat it is written, 'Those who savor it shall merit eternal life,' a phrase that inspired the Friday afternoon custom of tasting the delicacies prepared for Shabbat.

"Accordingly, it would be advisable to use illustrations only of pure subjects. When choosing toys foinfants, for example, one should buy only representations of kosher animals; only such illustrations should appear in the booklets that are prepared for the use of children; and so on." 5744 (1984)

Chain Letters About Moshiach

"It would be advisable that everyone publicize the teachings of famous Torah scholars concerning the obligation to hope for and anticipate and demand the coming of Moshiach. This can be done by sending a letter (including such quotations) to ten fellow Jews, with the suggestion and request that each of them send a copy of it to another ten Jews, and so on." 5746 (1986)

Moshiach Campaign

"Since our righteous Moshiach is about to come, though he has not yet actually come, a final effort is required that will bring Moshiach. Every individual--man, woman and child--should increase his Torah study in subjects that concern the Redemption. . .

"This study should preferably be undertaken in groups of at least ten, for group study excites happiness, and increases the eager anticipation of the participants for the coming of Moshiach.

"One should likewise upgrade one's meticulous observance of the mitzvot, particularly the mitzvah of tzedaka, 'which brings the Redemption near.'

"It would be well to connect one's additional contributions to tzedaka with one's additional study of subjects connected with the Redemption, by making one's increased contributions with the intent that it hasten the coming of the Redemption." 5751 (1991)

"What more can I do to motivate the whole world to cry out and demand the Redemption? I have done all I can; now you do everything you can, here and now, to bring the Redemption immediately." 28 Nissan, 5751 (1991)

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